Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blessings All Around Us

Welcome once again to my Blog. I hate saying that is my Blog because I would have no reason to start one if not for all of you. I want to thank you for all of the support and comments that I have received the last few days. I have been overwhelmed with great insight, encouragement, emails, and a few "atta boys" in this the first days of starting this. I'm so happy that I am able share my story and life to help someone, even if its just one, feel just a tad bit better about themselves, their fellow human being, or their life in general. What a great feeling that is. That's what I get out of writing to you. I get a sense of purpose for my life. That extra push to the finish line. Although, as I learned last night, "Once you cross that finish line, your starting a whole new race". Thank you for that Greg S. or should I identify you by your zip code :) I had the great honor to meet new members at the Baltimore chapter of Back On My Feet.

I was absolutely overwhelmed with kindness from such a great group of people from Baltimore!! Thank You for making me feel so welcomed to your city. John took some amazing pictures that you can check out. I was really on cloud nine riding back to Philly last night. I was also finding myself already missing my new friends. Once I got back to the city and dragged myself through the doors of OBP, still feeling some sadness from my trip, I was pleasantly surprised to see that had mail! I was excited because I have been waiting for my birth certificate from Ohio so that I can officially become a Philadelphian ( I know, I should have done it a long time Turns out it wasn't the birth certificate but something much better. It was a letter from my best friend back in Ohio!!! I have to admit that when I sent him a calendar and a letter, it was the first time writing him in about 3 years. The thing is that I could very easily been where he is. That place would be prison. Divine intervention kept me away that night. Anyway, it made my day complete.

Those are just some of the blessings that are around me. I am fortunate to get to experience that feeling many times throughout the week. Once you have that feeling in your life you will fight to the end to protect it, much like I am. Even in times with the sorrow overwhelms me and I can't fight back the flood gates, there is one constant in my life helps me take one more step into the unknown without fear...YOU! I will close with a quote from my best friend Robert who doesn't know any of you, but can feel the love that you exude from the small bit I shared with him.

"Back On My Feet is not just a slogan, it's the only way to stand tall." - Robert Goddard

Don't forget to sign up early for the second annual 20in24!!! This years race is sure to be a great 24 hours of fun, runs, and friends. I'm looking to do the Platinum race with the first 4 crazies who decide to run 33 miles in one day with me!!! So sign up early and get entry into the races at a discount before Febuary 1st!!


Denise said...

I'm already registered...I'm a long ranger!!! I can't wait...wish it wasn't so far away!

john said...

hey isaac...that's a damn fine photo if i do say so myself :) thanks for making my job easy.

it really was great to meet you in person last night. your smile and energy will really help people grasp what a great cause BOMF is.

keep on keeping on...

Sue said...

Isaac, so true that we have blessings all around us..we sometimes just don't see them. Im so happy for you that you have seen thru your eyes your blessings. We all have our own pathways that challenge us daily, but hey isn't it better having support from never know who is going to move/inspire you...I wanted to share some music with you..I love REM and the song Everybody Hurts..when your feeling in the mood..its a great song..check it out..hey love the pics!