Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wacky Week

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

I can say this from the start...I have missed you!!1 And I really mean it. As you know this is a big help for me to talk to you all. That's why this week has been rough but not rough enough to have a drink! Today marks 14 days without finding a reason to drink. A big part of that comes from a few very special people in my life who I wold like t mention. Peter, CJ, Ed, and all the great staff at Shooters! You all made me feel like I was very important. You treated me with such kindness and opened my eyes to the great things that are in this world. You may think it was nothing, but for me it was the world! I still haven't come down off this wonderful high!! It sure beats drugs and The Others I want to thank for keeping me busy is Anne and everyone at BOMF. Without you guys I would have time to do other things that could and most likely would have block these blessings that I am receiving. I am so very thankful for this job.

I was talking to family back in Ohio and I was telling them that I was going on a business trip to shot a commercial and they were floored!! Then they would call and I'll say that I at the The last time I told someone I was going to the office was when was in high school and it wasn't going to be good! Talk about them being floored, it is so very funny that I can say that. I have always dreamed that I would be able someday to say it and here I am... Life is so very good.

Today I ran the Frost Bite 5-Miler with all my friends. It was a blast once we got there! We were running late so we had to run to the start line and then It was fun though. I was happy to finish! That last hill was killing me. I think I need to start hill training if I am to post a good time at Caesar. I know...just finish! As you know I'm hard headed! My plans this weekend is to just relax some. Lets see how longs that lasts By The way, Thank you Jonathan for the tickets. I really enjoyed the game. I look forward to a great week ahead. I almost forgot!!! I'm giving you all a heads up...SHHH Don't tell THE NEW SPRING SHIRTS ARE HERE!!! That's right, new hot colors and styles. So To get them while they are still in stock, email or call me with your order or more info and I will get them out to you as fast as you can say Back On My Feet!! As an added bonus, if you buy two you get 5 bucks off!!! What better way to support BOMF than by purchasing a shirt from me? I can think of a better or easier way. Until next time...Peace and Love


Denise said...

I was looking for you today!! How did you do?? It was great seeing some BOMF members running...very inspirational. Sorry I missed you, but I'm sure we'll pass each other one of these days...

OH, more importantly...GREAT JOB on the 14 days!! Keep it up.

Janine said...

I saw you guys at the Frostbite Five Miler today. Technically, I am a member but your runs are too early for me LOL. Anyway, it was another impressive showing and you all seemed to have a lot of fun. Good luck with Cesar Rodney!

Accounts said...

Hey Isaac, I met you at the orientation on Wednesday in CC. I am the woman from Cleveland :) Tomorrow is supposed to be my first run and I am nervous about getting up early so I have been looking at your blog for inspiration. Thanks for helping me gear up!
Regards, Alexis From Ohio

Johnny_G said...

Hill Training? 3 Words! Ben Franklin Bridge!!! Isn't that one of the BOMF routes? Can't think of a better hill work-out than the BFB!!! Sounds like you are doing great Isaac and it was great to talk to you on the phone last week...Keep up the great work!!!

Amy said...

Hi Isaac,

I usually run with RWA, but saw you at the Frostbite 5 Miler and gave you a hug at the end of the race. That last hill was hard!!! Definitely good training for CR - see you there!